Kandyba Graphics has been a professional full-time illustration and graphic design studio for over 25 years. Since its inception, my focus has always been on the art.  When accepting a project, every effort is made to deliver a finished product that will exceed your expectations, regardless of the budget.

   Kandyba Graphics has been a resource within the medical, editorial, advertising, marketing and educational industries, collaborating with some of the best creative minds in the field for illustrations, storyboards, cartoons and caricatures, logo and icon development, animations, focus groups, print, packaging, branding, concept art, outdoor promotion, advertising and marketing campaigns.

   Within the medical industry, I have created hundreds of illustrations, technical renderings  and graphic designs for technique manuals, websites, training programs and medical research.

   My Illustrations have been published in more than six books and 12 magazines. I am currently the primary courtroom artist in the Denver Metro area for

all local, national and international news networks including: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, the National News Service and the Associated Press.  I have been interviewed by the Times of London, Westword Magazine and Fox News among others for coverage on the Taylor Swift trial of 2017, and have licensed  artwork of specific cases for televised episodes of 48 Hours, The Justice Project and Lone Wolf Media, a subsidiary of ABC Network.

    In 2012 I collaborated on the animation trailer for the Boulder International Film Festival.

    My experience has resulted in an extensive portfolio spanning a broad array of work. To simplify things, I've organized categories of work so you won't have to spend an hour looking through everything here. I've also limited the samples in each category and plan on updating every so often to keep things fresh.

   I hope you'll find just what you're looking for and want to give me a call, I've been helping people like you please their clients and meet their deadlines for over twenty-five years.



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